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Welcome to Sound Network Solutions, Inc.


Sound Network Solutions, Inc. has been offering local area network solutions to small to mid-sized businesses in the Puget Sound area since 1990.  As a small business ourselves, we understand the needs and desires of small businesses.  We also understand the budget constraints of small business and work within those constraints to insure that our customers' needs (and most of their desires) are met.  We offer either contract support to keep your system running smoothly all the time or hourly support for those "HELP!" moments.

Is "tech-ese" a foreign language? Do you hate to call tech support because you can't understand what they are talking about?  Do you have the time to do the research necessary to understand "tech-ese"?  We can help!  We will "translate" what the technician from your proprietary software/hardware vendor says into standard "English".  We speak most of the Microsoft dialects (Windows, Office, SQL, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.), Mac, and many of the more "common" standard languages (DNS, DHCP, FTP, HTML, etc.) as well as some proprietary languages such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, TOM, Symantec, Trend-Micro, WennSoft, and OMS.  We even speak "dead" languages like DOS.  Whatever you need translated, we can help.


Do you really have time to administer your network?  Do you have to "reinvent the process" every time you want to add a user?  Do you know how to setup their e-mail, file access, printers, etc.?  Do you know how to monitor your anti-malware system?  When was the last time your tested your backup system?  Have you checked your free disk space lately?  Let Sound Network Solutions, Inc. takes care of all of that and more.  We can administer your system, add printers/plotters/scanners/etc., monitor your anti-malware protection, test your backup system, troubleshoot end user issues, and most importantly let you concentrate on what you do best.  We can work with you on a contract basis to keep your network running smoothly all the time or just respond when you need help or have a special project.

Mobility is required of today's small businesses.  We can help you with remote access, smart phone configuration, netbooks, and other handheld devices.  We can also help you secure these "remote offices".